“The Most Important Election”

This is an Orthodox blog, so please don’t get me wrong. I don’t for a minute think that there is a simple, political solution to our societal decline. The problems that our nation faces now are some of the gravest that we have seen in decades. We need to be serious about our religion, for only God can save us.

The Democratic Party is absolutely demonic, and if any Orthodox layman thinks otherwise, he hasn’t been paying attention. And he needs to go to confession to admit his support for the Democrats’ sexual perversity, runaway spending and authoritarian mandates. The presidency of the current occupant of the White House will go down in history as the worst in our history…or close to the worst. It’s an utter disgrace and we deserve better. We must elect a Republican majority to Congress that will be a strong bulwark against any further insanity or inanity that emanates from that building and from the left side of the aisles in the Capitol building.

I know, Joe. It seems like a nightmare, doesn’t it?

You are free to throw your ballot in the trash, or throw away your vote on a third party candidate with an obscure name. However, the only practical choice for us Orthodox is to vote for Republicans in any race where there is a party affiliation. I know, I know. Some Republicans act like traitors to the cause. But, both parties tend to vote as blocks, so even less-than-desirable Republicans will tend to support more favorable legislation than what the Democrats have conjured up. Bold action must be taken to clear our streets of criminals, close our southern border, lower our energy costs and regain our personal savings. These problems are mainly the responsibility of the Democrats. Unless they are stopped, they may well and truly destroy our country in time.

Even Elder Ephraim of recent memory, encouraged Orthodox believers to get involved in politics, the days are so evil. Let’s all who are citizens vote, without exception. And, let those who have the time get involved in campaigning for conservative candidates. And those who have the money – the few that are left during this crippling recession – should contribute to good candidates’ campaigns. Voting, and getting involved in campaigns is good citizenship for us Orthodox faithful. Electing the better of two candidates in any political race is certainly a step toward renewing our sick society, or at the very least, slowing the inexorable “slouch toward Gomorrah”. We – all of us – have got to get out and have an influence on our collective destiny this November. Vote as if this were “the most important election of your lifetime”, as they say. Vote as if this were the last election that you’ll ever vote in. Who knows? Given the vicissitudes of life, it very well may be……

Vote for the Republican of your choice, but vote!

Author: Lawrence B. Wheeler

B.A., M.Div. Former Anglican priest, convert to Orthodoxy.

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