When in Doubt, Take a Time Out

Oh, Magoo, Abp. Elpidophoros is about to scandalize the Church yet again. How long are the rank and file of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese going to tolerate the unilateral actions of this man? And of even greater importance: How long will the hierarchs of the other Orthodox jurisdictions in our country remain in full Eucharistic communion with Arch. Elpidophoros?

The issue is the elevation of one archimandrite named Alexander Belya to the episcopate. Belya was expelled by the Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia for forging documents. Important diplomatic documents. And, like our illustrious president, he has a close relative who has been accused of criminality. In Belya’s case it is his ne’er-do-well brother, who apparently dealt in human trafficking.

Alexander Belya is the one on the right.

Details are readily available to the curious. Those aside, the point that I am trying to make is this: that there is a taint to this Monk Belya and his family. In a surprising move, the primates of the other jurisdictions besides the Greeks have written to Abp. Elpidophoros to lodge a formal complaint, saying that they cannot support the consecration of this scoundrel. Abp. Joseph of the Antiochian Archdiocese is the bishop who penned the letter for the other primates. Elpidophoros, for his part, has fired back, expressing his sadness and surprise. He makes an indirect accusation that Joseph is upsetting the unity of the Orthodox in America. Well, if that ain’t a case of the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is.

On the contrary, your Eminence E., it is the announcement that you made that you would elevate Mr. Belya to the bishopric in the GOA that is disturbing Church unity, already fraught by some of your previous ill-advised actions. Is there any need to enumerate them, sir?

It’s clear for all to see now that there is a shroud of doubt that surrounds this Belya character. This may not be the best time to consecrate him a bishop. When in doubt, take a time out. Orthodox bishops are not renowned for swinging into action anyway, so why rush the ordination? It’s not as though you were double-parked on a busy street in Manhattan. Give it some time. Hear your brother bishops out before you take this precipitous action, unless you are hell bent on eviscerating your already-questionable credibility.

What is a Woman?

Years ago, the brilliant legislature of the State of Hawai’i passed a law allowing people to use the public lavatories designed for members of the opposite sex. The governor signed it. This was the same Gov. David Igè who had trouble finding the password to his Twitter account during a supposèd missile attack by North Korea. Many people like me will breathe a sigh of relief at his retirement at the end of this year. Before the ink was dry on the new law, I decided to give it a test. I went to the state marina and asked the clerk behind the counter what she would do if I asked her for the key to the ladies’ room. She said she could not refuse to give it to me.

Author and speaker Matt Walsh has produced a documentary called What is a Woman? (You’ll find a link at the bottom of this post.) In order to do his research, Walsh flies around the country; he even flies to Kenya to find out how tribal people would respond to such a simple question. It’s a statement of the insanity of the perverted thinking of the age that he had trouble finding anyone who could give him a straight answer, especially among those experts who promote the transsexualism agenda. He didn’t have any trouble with the Kenyans, of course!

What is a blogpost like this doing on an Orthodox weblog? Well, the spiritual minutiae of Orthodoxy are worthy topics, but you have to lay those aside and grab a bucket when your house is on fire. We Orthodox have to address these moral issues before it’s too late.

What is a Woman? Here’s the link:

From Boys to Men

Every boy needs a father. Without a father, a boy has no way of knowing how to become the man he was meant to be. Due to the dissolution of our culture and the destruction of so many families, boys who have no father will seek a surrogate father elsewhere. It’s the way they are wired. Fr. Hans has a God-given talent for helping young men to straighten up their lives and become real men by getting in touch with the God who is their Father. Check out the Brotherhood of St. Paisios.


The Catastrophe which is Joe Biden

“Democrats will also increase oversight of private election vendors to ensure voting systems are secure and worthy of voters’ trust. We will not tolerate election interference and will protect the integrity of our elections from all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Democrat Party Platform

I find that laughable. It’s hard to imagine how the Democrats can include those statements in their official platform when they are the party that committed voter fraud on an unprecedented scale during the 2020 presidential election. If you don’t believe me, watch Dinesh D’Souza’s latest documentary film 2000 Mules. He makes a persuasive case that the election was thoroughly corrupt. Using terabytes of computer data tracking, he demonstrates that “mules” were paid to carry ballots to insert into drop boxes to tip the election in Joe Biden’s favor. D’Souza shows videographic proof that ballot drop boxes were literally stuffed with mail-in ballots in the wee hours of the morning. That puts the lie to the claim that the Democrats “will not tolerate election interference.”

Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary causes doubts about the security of the 2020 election.

Joe Biden may be the embodiment of God’s judgement on the United States of America. Everything that our current occupant has touched has, with the reverse-Midas touch, turned to lead. Lead is that heavy metal, i.e. the “anti-gold”. Inflation has quadrupled since that man took office. Food and gasoline are truly expensive. The stock market has tanked. Pension funds have lost a large share of their value. The poor people are only getting poorer, and that thanks to the party that supposedly represents the poor. What a downright lie!

Inflation is MUCH higher than 8%

And that is only the economic side of things. Crime rates have skyrocketed, especially in the inner city. The Mexican border is no longer a border with any meaning as tens of thousands of invaders have swum the Rio Grande to find easy asylum in our country. Lethal drugs like fentanyl have crossed that border and flooded our streets while Biden’s puppet, Alejandro Mayorkas, has done nothing to protect our homeland. He ought to be removed from office forthwith and prosecuted.

Biden’s shameful withdrawal from Afghanistan was an absolute catastrophe. Veterans of that endless conflict, my own son included, are justified in their anger toward a regime that just threw away the ground that our soldiers had gained in blood. Biden left behind hundreds of Americans and billions of dollars worth of materiel. Shame!

The war in Afghanistan was fought to oust the Taliban. Twenty years later, Biden handed the country back to the Taliban.

Biden now has his proxy war with Russia via Ukraine, the country that he and his son, Hunter, have raped for millions of dollars in kick-backs. God help us if Biden gets his wish for a direct shooting war with Russia. More than anyone else, the Ukrainian people, millions of whom have fled the country, will be the victims of this war instigated by the U.S. and NATO.

Biden’s agenda of sexual perversion has run ahead of the old man. His promotion of transgenderism is absolutely sickening to any rational American, to say nothing of those with a religious conscience. This isn’t a remote issue, folks. I live in a condo in a medium-sized city and I see examples of this perversion every day. This is the Democrat Party and its president. Any Orthodox Christian who stubbornly clings to his allegiance to that political party despite its evil effect on our body politic is complicit with it. He shares in their responsibility for the destruction of our society.

Out and Proud? What a disgrace!

“Are you the daughter?” “No, I’m the son.”

The furniture assembler came into the living room. He asked whom the new desk was for and the mother said it was for her daughter. The young twenty-something on the sofa appeared to be she, so he asked, “Are you the daughter?” “No, I’m the son.” she said. “My name is Zach.” That must be Zach for Zachary, he thought. Zechariah was one of the minor biblical prophets. That’s where we got the English boy’s name. But wait a cotton-pickin’ minute. “Zach” has a soprano voice, soft skin and pectoral protrusions. He must be a girl.

Sex is now a choice, is it?. I’m not speaking of the act, but rather of the essence. Mankind’s never-ending endeavor to overrule the laws of nature is making its final assault on sexual identity itself. The arrogance of it is not so subtle when men decide they’re women. The results are usually too grotesque to speak of. A man puts on a tight black minidress and a jeans jacket and flaunts himself around the evening streets in the center of town.

On the other hand, when a woman arbitrarily decides that she is a man or will become a man, the visual effect is less frightening. Perhaps less frightening, but not more convincing. American men have been emasculated in our lifetimes. Now, your run-of-the-mill manly man is criticized for his “toxic masculinity”. The matrons of our society are relentless in their nagging, some literally driving real men out of the house to search for some peace and quiet.

Half a century ago, men were men and women were women. And that was that. Everyone took it for granted. It would have been preposterous for a girl like “Zach” to try and pass herself off as a boy. But now a girl like “Zach”perceives some androgynous elements to her innermost being and decides that she is a boy. And, when she names herself “Zach”, and calls herself “the son”, the people around her are supposed to keep a straight face. It’s profoundly disturbing. Since the mother in this case was his customer, the assembler knew that he had to maintain decorum. She didn’t bat an eyelash at “Zach’s” proclamation, so he couldn’t just laugh in Zach’s face. He wasn’t there to conduct a counseling session; he was there simply to assemble the desk.

But, the disturbance of the queer moment has not left him. Why was it so strange? In a word it was the nonchalance. No one took exception to the outlandish claim that a young woman could declare herself a man and expect the people around her to just blithely accept it. The silence wasn’t exactly deafening, but it certainly sounded funny. When the assembler was done and left the customer’s home, he wasn’t laughing. He wasn’t crying, either. He was just baffled.

So, now that “Zach” has decided that she’s a boy, does that mean that everyone within her sphere of influence has to play along with her charade? Will she take offense when some kid looks up at her, sees the obvious sexual characteristics and says, “You’re not a boy!” Does his ignorance of goofy adult decision-making turn the innocent kid into a bigot?

The photograph that you see above is from the Facebook page of the American Embassy in Tokyo. You can see the happy first recipient of a “non-binary” U. S. Passport. If you ask me, she looks somewhat like a woman; Ask her and she may say she’s a man or something else on the ever-broadening spectrum of human sexuality. Who knows? Are we supposed to care? Tokyo’s is a major American embassy, commanded by none other than Ambassador Rahm Emmanuel himself. He’s the one who told us to never let a good crisis go to waste. Old Rahm seems to be taking advantage of the current sexual dysphoria. If his embassy Facebook page puts that up, it’s something worth noticing. It’s obvious when officialdom swallows this swill, we’re in the midst of a sexual crisis.

Now that it’s Pride Month, here’s the first June entry to the same embassy’s page:

Girls can decide they are boys and people aren’t supposed to object. Homosexuals can decide they are married and get equal benefits in this brave new world. You know that this isn’t over, folks. There will be new forms of mind-blowing queerness to come. The robe is off the emperor but he will damned well gallivant about town in his new birthday suit for all to see. And, we are supposed to just accept the lies out of respect until we’re too weary or confused to deal with the cognitive dissonance that this creates.

Astounding, isn’t it, how far we have fallen within the lifetimes of some of us who remember when the basic rules of sexual nature were never challenged. The occasional anomalies were treated as such and mostly ignored. Now, the lies are so in-your-face that we can’t just ignore them. However, if we don’t play along, then we are the ones who will be ostracized by this outlandish world. It’s time to speak forth or forever hold our peace, the consequences be damned.

It’s sad to know that it is the very subjects of this deception, i.e., the “Zachs” of this world, who are living the lie. They will never know the simple truth of creation until they come to themselves and realize that God meant them to be content within the bodies of their birth. God made man and woman in his own image at the very pinnacle of his creation. The psalmist spoke of God and said, “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.” (Psalm 139:14) Oh, that all could just accept their God-given sexual identity and quietly thank Him for it.