Elpidophoros Addresses the Assembly of Bishops

You can read his manuscript here:


It is not appropriate for the very archbishop who has stirred the pot most vigorously to then complain that the water is muddy. He suggested that spouses who are not Orthodox be allowed to commune. He shut down the parishes, introduced the idea of multiple spoons, and refused to grant religious exemptions during the so-called pandemic. 

Elpidophoros is the one who cozied up to the hyper-sexualized Episcopalians. It was he who made a purposely ambiguous statement about abortion in public. Again, he is the hierarch who slipped into Greece and baptized the babies belonging to those two queer men. Furthermore, he has defended Bartholomew’s incursion into another primate’s jurisdiction when he waved a magic wand to create a denomination to compete with the canonical Church in Ukraine, upsetting any political unity left in that now war-torn country. Ironic, that!

And now Elpidophoros has the unmitigated gall to address his brother bishops with an appeal for unity! Hypocrite! He has suggested that our opinionated Orthodox blogs are so much disinformation. Oh, please! How dare he act with such recklessness only to turn around and demand that other bishops maintain a façade of unity? How dare he suggest that we laypeople just stay offline and shut up? 

Our Orthodox unity, though hardly visible at times, is maintained solely through our mutual devotion to God via our adherence to the doctrines of the Holy Trinity expressed in our age-old Tradition. Our present Church Militant constantly appeals to our spiritual ancestors who kept the Faith to the end. And yet, Elpidophoros and his boss, Bartholomew, have prostituted this Faith for thirty pieces of silver. Unity? My ass! 

Those of us who are older than Elpidophoros and who have spent past years elsewhere in Christianity have seen this play before. How many times did I hear the hollow appeals for unity while leftists discarded what was remained of Tradition in the Anglican/Episcopal Communion? Their hollow appeals got to be very tedious indeed. Charlatans like these will constantly push the envelope of sexual morès and political loyalties, scorning Sacred Tradition and scandalizing the laity while they expect everyone else to remain united under they soiled mantles. 

Fiddlesticks! They will not stop for God’s sake. There is no appeasing them. None whatsoever.

I Had a Dream

I would like to tell you about a dream I had the night of the winter solstice, the longest night of the year. It was a vivid scene that appeared before me right before I woke up this morning.

Black cassocks and white surplices

I was in a church of the Western tradition. The service was soon to start and the chancel party was assembling for the opening processional. There was a tension in the air. The Eucharist was soon to start and I was scrambling to find the right vestments. It often happens in my dreams that I am not dressed properly for an occasion. It’s as if I were about the attend a wedding and was worried that I might be bounced at the door for not having on a proper wedding garment. (Matt. 22:11 cf). I hastily checked every closet in the church but couldn’t find a full-length cassock. A lady offered me what were essentially black leggings, saying that it would be covered up by a long, white surplice. But, I couldn’t find a surplice as all there were were short cottas, basically truncated surplices. I finally found a cassock and then a surplice, donned those and stood nervously with the others around a table in the middle of the nave. Up three steps in the chancel there stood shoulder to shoulder the bishop, with priests and deacons and other members of the choir.

And then, all of a sudden, there descended upon us an invisible but palpable pall of penitence. Everyone stopped milling about and fell silent. A wave of holy sorrow came over everyone. Stream of tears fell from the clergy’s eyes as if it were pouring rain. Everyone was overpowered by emotion. Then I woke up.

I don’t normally put much stock in dreams. I’ve been taught that they are the product of the “busyness of the mind”. But, there is this:

“And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. (Joel 2:28) I’m old, so I qualify for that activity!

I have struggled mightily this last year with thoughts of foreboding for our nation’s future. The dark side of the force seems to have a stranglehold on our American institutions and that makes me furious. I may protest online, but that’s not likely to have much effect except to disturb my own soul. But when that spirit of holy sorrow descended on us before the opening procession, I could see why it was our lot as Christians to pray sincere prayers of repentance before God. “The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous man availeth much.” (James 5:6)

Dr. King on the National Mall

Today is Martin Luther King’s Birthday. King was a man who had a dream and told us about it on the national mall in Washington those many years ago. I still cannot listen to his rousing speech without getting all choked up. What MLK would think of the plight of race relations today is for anyone to wonder. I think he would be heartsick to see the average state of the black family, or to witness the daily racist assaults on white people who, in many cases, bend over backwards to treat people of other colors as neighbors and friends, regardless of the immutable differences in appearance.

Our nation is in real trouble. My own wake-up call to that fact was the tumultuous events of annus horribilis 2020. I’m certainly not alone in that regard. Things have only gotten worse under since then, but I am encouraged that thousands are people are starting to wake up and smell the coffee. We need political change for sure, but the divine gift of penitence is what is most necessary and what will be most effectual in turning the tide.

Everyone Deserves to Know the Truth


That is the subtitle of a newly-released documentary film. The full title is The Real Anthony Fauci: The Movie – Everyone Deserves to Know the Truth. It’s a movie about the dark history of the diminutive head of the federal government’s response to the recent pandemic, Dr. Tony Fauci.

If you haven’t read Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s book upon which this film is based, then I don’t blame you. It’s a New York Times bestseller, but it’s an arduous slog to read, especially if you are someone like me who doesn’t know much about medicine. I bought it and read it, yet it took me several weeks to power through the exhaustive research that Kennedy presents. That one book will most certainly turn out to be his magnum opus and greatest contribution to the survival of sanity in the public health field.

Robert F. Kennedy, jr., a thorn in Fauci’s side

The movie paints Fauci’s career in broad strokes that are meticulously and undeniably documented in the book. You will see the way Fauci captured and commercialized the federal government’s health regulation agencies from the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s all the way through Covid. You will see how Fauci experimented on vulnerable populations like gay Americans, native Africans and African-American orphans to test and sell toxic drugs like AZT and Remdesivir. And, of course, you will see how he suppressed cheap generic drugs like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectine in order to line his own pockets and enrich large pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Moderna. Thousands of patients died unnecessary deaths because Fauci was more interested in marketing so-called vaccines than he was in caring for those with the disease.

One of the people interviewed for the documentary was Vera Sharav, a survivor of the Holocaust, said this: “When doctors join forces with government, they no longer comply with medicine’s mission’s sacred oath: to first do no harm to the individual patient. They become agents of the government and they do what they are told.” You will see how governments turned against their own citizens, how masks and social distancing alienated us from one another, and how the shutdowns destroyed our economies. They kept our children out of school and all of us out of church.

“When doctors join forces with government, they no longer comply with the medical mission’s sacred oath: to first do no harm to the individual patient. They become agents of the government and they do what they are told.

Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor

This will sound like strong language, but Tony Fauci, “America’s doctor”, is a sociopath. He will be retiring from the National Institute of Alergies and Infectious Diseases at long last, but once the Republican majority has taken power in the Congress, I surely hope that he will be subpoenaed and deposed. Moreover, he ought to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity and punished accordingly. One can only hope that the evidence that is produced during the Fauci hearings will lead to the investigation and prosecution of others like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and a whole host of other fabulously wealthy ne’er-do-wells. Unless these men are held to account, the next so-called pandemic may trigger a period of martial law for which the recent one was a mere dress rehearsal.

Dr. Sanctimony, Tony Fauci

Now that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that school children should be injected with experimental vaccines of questionable benefit and, in many cases adverse effects, by drug companies that are beyond the reach of lawsuits, it is incumbent upon young parents to sit up and pay attention lest they put their own children at risk.

The movie is free for the watching for another week or so. Thereafter, viewing it will cost you money. It’s shorter than two hours and very informative, so do your family a favor and watch it. If you are educated by the movie, please share it widely with your friends and family. Over the last three years, the news media have proved themselves to be pathological liars, just like Tony Fauci. It is independent books and films like The Real Anthony Fauci and the alternative press that convey the truth to a woefully unaware populace.

You deserve to know the truth.

Tulsi Gabbard says “Aloha” to “Today’s Democratic Party”

“Aloha” means both hello and goodbye …and love, of course. Tulsi Gabbard, native daughter of our fair state of Hawai’i, has said Aloha! to the Democrat Party. But, love was the furthest thing from her mind when she bid the party goodbye. It came as no surprise to us who have been watching her appear in public, but now that it’s official, it’s a major development. With that in mind, check out the front page of our local newspaper, the Star-Advertiser.

Abortion protection, death of actress get bigger optics than Tulsi’s resignation.

As a matter of conviction, I won’t buy that liberal rag, nor will I subscribe to the digital version to get through the paywall. So, I took this picture at the coin-operated dispenser in the lobby of my condo. Look at today’s front page. The message that I get from that is, “Yeah, maybe Tulsi has quit the Democrats, but lookey here! Outgoing Gov. Ige has written an executive order that provides state legal protections to people in the baby-killing market!” Hooray for one of the most unpopular governors in the United States. This is the governor who, by executive fiat, imposed THE most restrictive measures during the Wuhan Flu pandemic – longer and harder than any other governor in the United States. We’ll say aloha to him in December. Don’t let the door hit you in the okole on the way out, Dave.

Outgoing David Ige; Likely successor, Josh Green

The Democrat who is running for governor of the state, lieutenant governor Dr. Josh Green, is an emergency room physician. One of his appeals to the voters is his promise to maintain access to abortions in Hawai’i. I guess that’s pretty important to the voters here in the most liberal (read “progressive”) state in the Union. We certainly wouldn’t want too many children to crowd our little islands now, would we? Green is also pledging to “follow the science” when it comes to pandemics and “climate change”. You know what that means. He’ll shut out the rest of the world if he thinks another lockdown will protect our public health. Green’s a shoe-in for our new guv. and he may just turn out to be worse than Ige. Let’s hope not, though.

Duke Aiona

Running against Green is repeat candidate Republican Duke Aiona, a native Hawaiian and evangelical Christian. Pray God Duke has an outside chance of pulling an upset in this year of the expected Republican wave.

Is It Incompetence, or Is It Intent?

Naive old me, I thought this calamity was due to Biden’s senility and the incompetence of his administration, but I don’t subscribe to that way of thinking anymore. I now think that it’s all intentional, what we are seeing with our own eyes before us. There are some nefarious actors in high places who are intent on bringing our nation to an end.

It’s been said that republics last only 250 years or so. Ours is already 246 years old. What are the odds that we can stick together much longer? The failure of Pres. James Buchanan to sort out the differences between the slave states and the free states led our republic into civil war a century and a half ago. Will the historians of the future find Joe Biden responsible for our nation’s imminent demise? Time will tell.

Hi, I’m Uncle Joe. No, not Joe Stalin; Joe Biden. C’mon, man.

Consider our current condition:

  • The national debt has just surpassed $31 trillion. Joe Biden and his Democrats have been giving away funny money created ex nihilo like madmen, ostensibly to alleviate the pain from a “pandemic” that was highly overrated. And, look at all the treasure we have been squandering on the defense of Ukraine.
  • Biden has allowed 5 million poor illegal aliens to flood across the Mexican border. Those people are being transferred to locations throughout the country only to increase the burden on social services putting ever more pressure on our government finances.
  • Inflation hasn’t risen this steeply in four decades. Gasoline and groceries are becoming precious commodities since the dollar has suddenly lost so much of its purchasing power. The stock market is in a tailspin as aging baby boomers are watching in horror as their pension funds back off from highs experienced during the recent Trump years.
  • The deadly drug fentanyl and other illicit drugs are killing our youth. Mexican cartels are rejoicing at the burgeoning business for their merchandise. Speaking of drugs, Tony Fauci, the god of the Covidians, has made a cool $5 million in royalties from the worthless vaccines that his bureaucracy helped to develop to combat what wasn’t much more than a bad strain of influenza that our tax money helped to engineer.
  • Corrupt district attorneys swept into office by George Soros’ ill-gotten gains have allowed felons to commit murder and theft only to be released on no-cash bail so that they can go right back out and menace to our society. Some parts of Democrat-run cities are no longer safe places to go for their own populations.
  • The mentally ill youngsters who can’t figure out which sex they are are being groomed by the minuscule but vocal transsexual lobby. They’re coming for our children and grandchildren, don’t you doubt it. Having abandoned God, people have gone after the demigod of the sexual revolution. Next it will be pedophilia, perhaps then bestiality. Gavin Newsom’s California has already enshrined child sacrifice into law and has become a sanctuary state for abortionists.
  • Obama’s administration in the person of Victoria Nuland orchestrated a coup d’etat in Kiev in 2014, deposing the incumbent president and installing a pro-Western puppet. Victor Poroshenko’s regime and other bad actors waged civil war against the Russian speakers in the Ukrainian Donbass. This year, Vladimir Putin decided to put a stop to it, having seen how badly Biden botched the exit from Afghanistan. Now four oblasts representing a large part of Ukraine’s population and economic strength have become Russian states. Putin threatens the use of nuclear weapons if Biden and the West don’t back off from supporting Volodymyr Zelensky and his doomed attempt to bring Putin down.
  • Here’s a recent question: Did Biden blow up the two Nordsteam pipelines? Will we ever know? In either case, Europe faces a cold and bitter winter, but it’s their leaders’ fault for backing the NATO and the U.S.’ misguided adventure antagonizing Russia.

So much has gone wrong under this senile old fool of a president, it can’t get much worse…or can it? One month from now, we just have to create a red tsunami at the polls to put the Republicans back in the seat of opposition to a corrupt madman and his team of spiteful nihilists. God save us from mutual destruction if they don’t apply the brakes to an administration that is driving us headlong over the rails!

O God, save thy people and bless thine inheritance. Save Ukraine. Save Russia. Save Europe. And, God save these united States.