Handwritings on the Wall

Glimpses of Holiness

There he stood before the cathedral’s altar, vested properly, slowly intoning the words of the Eucharist. Quietly glowing with the joy of the Lord, the bishop bent forward slightly, in rapt attention as he handled the precious elements. Such is proper for a man when he approaches the Divine. The young acolyte, a foreigner, knelt … Continue reading “Glimpses of Holiness”

A Pilgrimage Unmasked

St. Matthew Orthodox Church in Torrance, California is an Antiochian parish that follows the Byzantine Rite. Now, the music of the Byzantine Rite is an acquired taste for those of us who have a Western ear. That’s just about everybody, except for the few who may have grown up in the Byzantine Rite. Those of … Continue reading “A Pilgrimage Unmasked”

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