Handwritings on the Wall

Comfort from Psalm 37

At this point I wouldn’t put anything past the scoundrels in the bowels of power. I’ve felt like a deer caught in the headlights for the past two years. It’s all that I can do to try to keep up with the Machiavellian manipulations. Never in my 68 years have I been so consistently distraught … Continue reading “Comfort from Psalm 37”

Biden Boasts, but Taiwan May Fall

“Both China and Russia perceive that the United States is a nation in decline and use that view as a pretext for advancing their authoritarian models and executing their global ambitions,” Berrier said. (See the link below.) It is likely that Communist China is preparing for an invasion of Taiwan at the opportune moment. Why? … Continue reading “Biden Boasts, but Taiwan May Fall”

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