Handwritings on the Wall

Come out from among them

A comment on the weblog Monomachos got me to respond: Why would anyone stay Greek Orthodox with this now (speaking about regular people, that is, not those whose incomes are tied to this stuff)? How can regular people fight this? Withholding contributions from their parish? Every priest reports to his higher-up that reports to his … Continue reading “Come out from among them”

Jordan Peterson’s Clarion Call

Prof. Peterson’s speech is forceful oratory. He’s a psychologist and statesman whose impassioned words are downright prophetic. One can sense his heartfelt compassion for the world. This man is very close to the kingdom of God. He finds Orthodoxy the most authentic expression of Christianity, so let us pray that he enter with all his … Continue reading “Jordan Peterson’s Clarion Call”

The End of Elpi

Writing about the latest manipulations of liberal Catholic bishops and their pressure on Pope Francis, Orthodox intellectual Rod Dreher states this about Abp. Elpidophoros: “The woke head of the Greek Orthodox church in the US has caused a ginormous stir in world Orthodoxy by baptizing the children of a gay male couple, in what is … Continue reading “The End of Elpi”

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