A Tsunami of Outrage

Did you know that tsunami is a Japanese word? It’s written this way: 津波 and it means “harbor wave”. We used to call it “tidal wave”. That’s strange, if you think about it. Sailors know that harbors are places of refuge from the undulations of the open ocean. Harbors are protected from the wind waves that roll freely at sea. So what is a tsunami? Unlike the wind waves that affect the ocean by means of the friction of the wind passing over its surface, a tsunami is a totally different event. It is created by a seismic shift in the ocean floor. The earth shifts and the whole ocean from floor to surface buckles and ripples. Oddly the tsunami is not felt by ships in deep water. But, the undulation rushes with tremendous force once it hits the coast, crashing onto beaches, driving inland and surging into harbors. Boats and ships are ripped from their moorings mercilessly. The historical tsunami that flooded the northern Pacific coast of Japan on March 11, 2o11 was one such tsunami. Mere hours after it hit home, it also reached across our great pond to Hawai’i and the West Coast of North America. Ke’ehi Boat Harbor next to Honolulu Int’l Airport was completely wiped out. Many vessels, especially the untended derelicts, were lost in the maelstrom.

Japanese port town after historic tsunami of March 11, 2011

Geological tsunami cannot be timed; they can only be prepared for. But there is another type of tsunami coming in exactly ninety days. It is a political tsunami that will wash away many of the derelicts in our national congress and state houses. Many of the ineffective – yea corrupt – officeholders throughout the country will be sent packing. Good riddance to them.

Why are they derelicts? The short answer is that they have forgotten God. The obvious proof is that they support a corrupt regime…a junta, you might say…in the White House under the most disastrous presidency of our lifetimes. The senile, old politician who mumbles while he reads a teleprompter is not to be pitied. He is to be reviled. He has turned the power of the administrative state against his immediate predecessor. This has never happened before. His attorney general and his chief law enforcement agency have crossed over a boundary that has never been crossed. They have raided the residence of immediate past president Donald Trump. The Democrats and the deep state who serve them have not stopped hounding Donald Trump since his first campaign. They’ve spied on him, slandered him, and accused him of wrongdoing when they had no proof. The House of Representatives impeached him twice. Twice, without success. Now they have insulted him by turning his house upside down while he was away.

Once and future president?

Why? Because they think that he is a threat to their chokehold on power. By this invasion of the privacy of the former president and first lady, they may have gone a step too far. This unprecedented raid may well backfire on them in November. Most of the candidates that Mr. Trump has endorsed have already won their primary elections. They’re headed to the general in November buoyed up by the anger that is felt by a majority of Americans at the utter incompetence of an incumbent president who, although he can’t ride a bicycle, is able to destroy an economy and bungle foreign policy. There is a deep undercurrent, a tsunami of outrage that is about to be released on him and all who responsible for the damage that he has done to our nation.

Biden’s presidency may well be all but over next January when the new Congress is seated. He will no longer be able to pass any significant legislation due to opposition by the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives, and perhaps the Senate. He won’t be able to take out a second mortgage on our proverbial house and pass the burden of the monthly payments onto our grandchildren. No more big spender. He’ll be eighty years old, half a century in politics, and a never-ending embarrassment to the party and their voters who foisted him on the American republic. Look at what they’ve done to us.

The man whom they revile and whom they would like nothing better than to destroy may rise like a Phoenix in 2024. Many a voter like me who did not vote for him in 2016 will gladly give him support if for no other reason that he is “comeback kid” who suffered the slings and arrows of an irrational opposition who have forgotten God and now worship the false god of Science. Right, the so-called science that ginned up the pandemic and its phony vaccines. The science that will bankrupt a country’s people in a bogus battle against “climate change”. Now that Mr. Trump’s privacy has been invaded, and his home has been stripped they will have empathy for him. Dozens of millions will. And, what is more, he will be the remaining hope that the demonic powers that control the deep state that controls our nation will at last be vanquished. The party that has done all in its power to hasten the decline and demise of our nation will be back in the powerless opposition where they belong for good.

Pres. Trump has made an inspiring video. It’s less than four minutes long. Give it a watch.

Author: Lawrence B. Wheeler

B.A., M.Div. Former Anglican priest, convert to Orthodoxy.

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