A Declaration of War, Perhaps?

On Thursday, September first, Joe Biden went to Independence Hall in Philadelphia to deliver a speech. A gigantic American flag was draped against a wall lighted up in blood red, and two Marines in dress blues stood ramrod straight as sentinels. Jill escorted the faltering Joe out to the podium. Biden is too feeble to look like a fascist, but anyone sprier than he giving such a divisive speech against such a sinister backdrop would have.

The words that were emitted from the president’s mouth were the not the sort of demagoguery that one would expect from the former candidate who promised to bring civility and normalcy back to the presidency. He would be the uniter, he said in 2020, but that speech on September 1 put the lie to that pledge.

The soul of Joe Biden?

All of twelve times in twice as many minutes, Biden denounced the MAGA Republicans as a threat to the very foundation of our American democracy. He accused them as election deniers who subvert the constitution and the rule of law while they attempt to take America backwards. Of course Biden didn’t mention the past objections of his own Democrats to certifying the elections of George W. Bush in 2000, whom they say was elected by the Supreme Court. The sword cuts both ways.

Joe Biden is no more than a ghost of a man, so it’s important to look behind the stuffed shirt to espy his handlers who actually pull the strings. Who is it who wrote that ghastly tirade about defending the “soul of America”? And, what was his purpose? Was it to drum up the support of those who oppose Donald Trump and the MAGA movement ahead of midterms? Or, did he intend to goad the MAGA people whom he accused of being “violent extremists” into committing such acts before the election so that they could be discredited and defeated? Or was this a speech tantamount to a declaration of civil war on the political battlefield? The country is so bitterly divided now that that sort of demagoguery serves no constructive purpose. The cynical people behind Biden are the ones who will ultimately be held responsible for the catastrophic policies of this administration. They will have to answer for endangering the populace from the Mexican border to the inner cities, and for the crash of the stock market and the impoverishing of the middle class by record inflation and recession.

Lucky only leftwing propaganda outlets CNN and MSNBC carried the primetime speech last Thursday. Let’s just pray that God will hasten the day when that old crackpot Biden has been yanked off the stage like the lowlife Vaudeville actor he is. And let the historians in years to come write the dark chapter about this nadir in the American epic.

When you vote in November, vote as though the outcomes of all the races depends upon your ballot.

Author: Lawrence B. Wheeler

B.A., M.Div. Former Anglican priest, convert to Orthodoxy.

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