Oh, Please!

I’ve just returned from an annual meeting and I’m miffed. I know that as an Orthodox Christian I shouldn’t get miffed. “Glory to God for all things”, I know. But you’ll have to forgive me.

What sort of annual meeting was it? I’m glad you asked that question. Let me set the stage. I live in the middle of a medium-sized city, the biggest one in my little state. My wife and I own and occupy a condo in that city. The AOAO – no, that isn’t a cheer, it’s association of apartment owners – is obligated to hold a meeting every year. Ours was this evening. We always hold it in the Methodist church hall next door to the condominium complex. Well, during the seemingly interminable pandemic there was a hiatus. During that time, apparently a new pastor was called to the church. He graciously hosted our meeting tonight, welcoming us all and helping with the sound system.

Then he gave a (non-) invocation, “since this is a church”, he said. But he did not address the (non-) prayer to any higher being, nor did he end it by saying “in the name of Jesus” or of the Trinity, as Western Christians are accustomed to doing. He just abruptly said “Amen”. Oh, please! If you are concerned about stepping on atheist toes by praying a Christian prayer, then don’t pray at all except in silence.

There are only two sexes, but there are many genders?

The young pastor also told us where the bathrooms were. The ladies’ room is over here and the men’s room is over there. And then came the kicker – “Sorry, we don’t have a non-binary restroom, but we’re working on it.” Sitting in the front row, I couldn’t help but blurt out loud, “Oh, stop it! Enough with this insanity!” Certain members of the board of directors took note. I hope that that young pastor was able to hear me loud and clear. God save him from his delusion, or God save his congregation from his influence. Amen.

Author: Lawrence B. Wheeler

B.A., M.Div. Former Anglican priest, convert to Orthodoxy.

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