The Ukraine Crisis: Facts Versus Lies – An American Christian Perspective

(From the editor of Handwritings:

This article written two weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine was just too good to leave read but not shared. I won’t cut and paste Mr. Ertl’s entire article, but I will put the two penultimate paragraphs below. And I’ll put the link underneath them so that the reader can go and read the whole thing.

The vanguard of Christian political discourse may be leading us in a more righteous direction. Thanks be to God. American Christians have supported our bloodthirsty warmongers for far too long. It’s past time for us to wake up and realize that our government is not the world’s friend. Now that the Russo-Ukrainian war is a month old, that fact should be eminently clear. Lord, have mercy.)

America, let Russia finish its recovery. Let her new destiny run its course. A destiny that will once again bring her to a place as one of the great Christian nations of the world.

As for post-Christian Europe and America, all that remains is judgment. I believe it to be irreversible. The West has squandered its Christian heritage and blessings. Its 100 years of unending wars, state-sponsored terror, and institutionalized decadence has reaped the whirlwind. The collapse is not coming; it is already upon us.

Thomas Ertl

Author: Lawrence B. Wheeler

B.A., M.Div. Former Anglican priest, convert to Orthodoxy.

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