Dodging a Bullet

Our state just dodged a bullet.

This winter-spring session of the Hawai’i State Legislature dealt with hundreds of bills for acts as it always does. On Sunday, March 13 Honolulu Star-Advertiser listed on page A10 the bills that were passing and failing in the bicameral legislature. One of the bills stood out to this writer: HB1649., which “Would require the Department of Education to train school staff to represent in a positive way health topics related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual and other sexual orientations and general identities as well as persons of color and the disabled.” That is a lot of bases to cover!

Imagine my alarm at the insanity of such a bill. Despite that, the bill was actually advancing in the House of Representatives and ultimately passed over to the Senate. How can anyone “represent in a positive way” this smorgasbord of sexual choices to be presented to our children in government schools? Middle school and high school pupils in the throes of puberty have enough trouble dealing with the rapid changes in their bodies. They don’t need to have the state school bureaucrats assault them with perverse sexual choices as though the choices were all equally legitimate. Giving them the choices listed here only invites confusion to kids in an unprecedentedly wickèd age.

How can these perverse forms of sexuality be presented in a positive light? Lesbian sex is a barren snub at the male sex. Gay sex is a disgusting snub at the female sex. Bisexual sex is indulgence in lasciviousness. Transexuality is the most monstrous because it leads to a frightening introduction to chemical interruption of puberty and surgical mutilation of the God-given body. There are puzzling questions: Queer sex hasn’t been covered? What’s intersex? A chameleon switcheroo between the two sexes? Asexuality I get: volunteer celibacy. “Other sexual orientations?” How could there be any more? Are they suggesting incest? Or perhaps bestiality? Maybe it’s necrophilia. God save our children and grandchildren!

Oh, stop the train. I want to get off!

The Hawai’i Dept. of Education actually promoted this stuff. What sort of numbskulls run that bureaucracy? They requested $2.2 million to implement it. Swell. More money down the hole to reëducate our children. Note to parents: It may be time for you to yank your kids out of the public schools and take their education into your own hands.

There was another repugnant bill introduced in the House: HB2125 “Would establish a misdemeanor offense for disrupting or interfering with the function of a school, school administration office or school board.” Witness the Loudon County, VA school board proceedings. The arrogant response of the leftist school board to concerned parents there helped elect Glenn Youngkin, the new Republican governor of Virginia. It’s clear from the wording of this bill that the Hawaii Board of Education was planning a preëmptive strike against any uppity parents who might think that indoctrinating our kids with sexual perversion was a thing to protest against. It’s likely that the Board wanted to fend off any parental defense against instruction in critical race theory.

Thankfully, a group of parents got whiff of the bills and decided to respond in protest. Rep. Bob McDermott, a former Marine and one of the few Republicans in the House, stood strong in the open-air capitol rotunda and addressed a rally of parents opposed to the controversial bills. That movement put a blessèd end to the rot as both bills very quietly died in the Senate. Phew!

from KITV coverage

Hawai’i is the most Democratic -with a capital D- state in the Union, believe it or not. Ours is the victim of one-party rule and has been for a very long time. The blue beast which is California is half and ocean away, but only in miles, not in consciousness. The psychological influence of that socialist state is unseen but certainly sensed here in our erstwhile paradise. While your state may still be immune from this sort of sexual insanity, be on your guard, for surely it won’t be long before it rears its ugly head in a capital near you.

Author: Lawrence B. Wheeler

B.A., M.Div. Former Anglican priest, convert to Orthodoxy.

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