Tulsi Gabbard says “Aloha” to “Today’s Democratic Party”

“Aloha” means both hello and goodbye …and love, of course. Tulsi Gabbard, native daughter of our fair state of Hawai’i, has said Aloha! to the Democrat Party. But, love was the furthest thing from her mind when she bid the party goodbye. It came as no surprise to us who have been watching her appear in public, but now that it’s official, it’s a major development. With that in mind, check out the front page of our local newspaper, the Star-Advertiser.

Abortion protection, death of actress get bigger optics than Tulsi’s resignation.

As a matter of conviction, I won’t buy that liberal rag, nor will I subscribe to the digital version to get through the paywall. So, I took this picture at the coin-operated dispenser in the lobby of my condo. Look at today’s front page. The message that I get from that is, “Yeah, maybe Tulsi has quit the Democrats, but lookey here! Outgoing Gov. Ige has written an executive order that provides state legal protections to people in the baby-killing market!” Hooray for one of the most unpopular governors in the United States. This is the governor who, by executive fiat, imposed THE most restrictive measures during the Wuhan Flu pandemic – longer and harder than any other governor in the United States. We’ll say aloha to him in December. Don’t let the door hit you in the okole on the way out, Dave.

Outgoing David Ige; Likely successor, Josh Green

The Democrat who is running for governor of the state, lieutenant governor Dr. Josh Green, is an emergency room physician. One of his appeals to the voters is his promise to maintain access to abortions in Hawai’i. I guess that’s pretty important to the voters here in the most liberal (read “progressive”) state in the Union. We certainly wouldn’t want too many children to crowd our little islands now, would we? Green is also pledging to “follow the science” when it comes to pandemics and “climate change”. You know what that means. He’ll shut out the rest of the world if he thinks another lockdown will protect our public health. Green’s a shoe-in for our new guv. and he may just turn out to be worse than Ige. Let’s hope not, though.

Duke Aiona

Running against Green is repeat candidate Republican Duke Aiona, a native Hawaiian and evangelical Christian. Pray God Duke has an outside chance of pulling an upset in this year of the expected Republican wave.

Author: Lawrence B. Wheeler

B.A., M.Div. Former Anglican priest, convert to Orthodoxy.

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