Is It Incompetence, or Is It Intent?

Naive old me, I thought this calamity was due to Biden’s senility and the incompetence of his administration, but I don’t subscribe to that way of thinking anymore. I now think that it’s all intentional, what we are seeing with our own eyes before us. There are some nefarious actors in high places who are intent on bringing our nation to an end.

It’s been said that republics last only 250 years or so. Ours is already 246 years old. What are the odds that we can stick together much longer? The failure of Pres. James Buchanan to sort out the differences between the slave states and the free states led our republic into civil war a century and a half ago. Will the historians of the future find Joe Biden responsible for our nation’s imminent demise? Time will tell.

Hi, I’m Uncle Joe. No, not Joe Stalin; Joe Biden. C’mon, man.

Consider our current condition:

  • The national debt has just surpassed $31 trillion. Joe Biden and his Democrats have been giving away funny money created ex nihilo like madmen, ostensibly to alleviate the pain from a “pandemic” that was highly overrated. And, look at all the treasure we have been squandering on the defense of Ukraine.
  • Biden has allowed 5 million poor illegal aliens to flood across the Mexican border. Those people are being transferred to locations throughout the country only to increase the burden on social services putting ever more pressure on our government finances.
  • Inflation hasn’t risen this steeply in four decades. Gasoline and groceries are becoming precious commodities since the dollar has suddenly lost so much of its purchasing power. The stock market is in a tailspin as aging baby boomers are watching in horror as their pension funds back off from highs experienced during the recent Trump years.
  • The deadly drug fentanyl and other illicit drugs are killing our youth. Mexican cartels are rejoicing at the burgeoning business for their merchandise. Speaking of drugs, Tony Fauci, the god of the Covidians, has made a cool $5 million in royalties from the worthless vaccines that his bureaucracy helped to develop to combat what wasn’t much more than a bad strain of influenza that our tax money helped to engineer.
  • Corrupt district attorneys swept into office by George Soros’ ill-gotten gains have allowed felons to commit murder and theft only to be released on no-cash bail so that they can go right back out and menace to our society. Some parts of Democrat-run cities are no longer safe places to go for their own populations.
  • The mentally ill youngsters who can’t figure out which sex they are are being groomed by the minuscule but vocal transsexual lobby. They’re coming for our children and grandchildren, don’t you doubt it. Having abandoned God, people have gone after the demigod of the sexual revolution. Next it will be pedophilia, perhaps then bestiality. Gavin Newsom’s California has already enshrined child sacrifice into law and has become a sanctuary state for abortionists.
  • Obama’s administration in the person of Victoria Nuland orchestrated a coup d’etat in Kiev in 2014, deposing the incumbent president and installing a pro-Western puppet. Victor Poroshenko’s regime and other bad actors waged civil war against the Russian speakers in the Ukrainian Donbass. This year, Vladimir Putin decided to put a stop to it, having seen how badly Biden botched the exit from Afghanistan. Now four oblasts representing a large part of Ukraine’s population and economic strength have become Russian states. Putin threatens the use of nuclear weapons if Biden and the West don’t back off from supporting Volodymyr Zelensky and his doomed attempt to bring Putin down.
  • Here’s a recent question: Did Biden blow up the two Nordsteam pipelines? Will we ever know? In either case, Europe faces a cold and bitter winter, but it’s their leaders’ fault for backing the NATO and the U.S.’ misguided adventure antagonizing Russia.

So much has gone wrong under this senile old fool of a president, it can’t get much worse…or can it? One month from now, we just have to create a red tsunami at the polls to put the Republicans back in the seat of opposition to a corrupt madman and his team of spiteful nihilists. God save us from mutual destruction if they don’t apply the brakes to an administration that is driving us headlong over the rails!

O God, save thy people and bless thine inheritance. Save Ukraine. Save Russia. Save Europe. And, God save these united States.

Author: Lawrence B. Wheeler

B.A., M.Div. Former Anglican priest, convert to Orthodoxy.

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