Biden’s Proxy War with Russia

Dateline: March 5, 2022

Russian armed forces invaded Ukraine on February 24.

Our own United States federal government and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization have been itching for this proxy war with Russia for a very long time. Now they have it. They have encroached on the Russian sphere of influence by increments over the last thirty years since the toppling of the Berlin Wall ended the Cold War. They have kept NATO fresh well past its expiration date and expanded its membership to the nations of Eastern Europe, breaking their promise NOT to expand it beyond Germany. They have infiltrated the Ukrainian nation, triggered the Maidan Coup D’èta. Since 2014, they have armed the corrupt Ukrainian government and backed the slaughter by Neo-Nazis of 14,000 Ukrainians, most of whom are ethnic Russians in the southeastern Donbas. They have ignored the Minsk Agreements for a ceasefire.

It is no wonder that Mr. Putin decided that he had finally had enough. He would not tolerate the existence of such a regime on the border with Russia. He has threatened several times in the past to invade Ukraine in order to put an end to the shenanigans. With thousands of his troops amassed on the border, Putin even offered one last time to refrain from invading Ukraine if President Zelensky and his government would simply give assurances to remain a neutral country and refuse to join NATO.

Biden, Putin, Zelensky
Mr. Zelensky relayed the Russians’ offer to his patrons in Washington, but he was instructed to turn it down!

We can only surmise that it was our own Commander-in-Chief Joseph Biden who was directly responsible for the refusal. If so, then this war between Russia and Ukraine is HIS fault – not because of a negligence that stems from his obvious senility, but rather because it was deliberate. We have to conclude then that it was Biden’s plan all along to cause this war. And then to blame it on Putin. And to stir up the American people to support the ravaging of a country with a corrupt government…just like our own! And, by doing so, to improve his dismal poll numbers. Who knows how far this premeditated war will escalate in the near term? Let us hope that it does not expand to any of the states who are members of NATO. And let us pray to God that it never goes nuclear.

What a monstrous betrayal Mr. Biden’s administration has perpetrated on the Ukrainians… and on us Americans! They say that our president is willing “to fight the Russians to the last Ukrainian”. That may be so. Mr. Biden and the cynical warmongers of both American political parties now have blood on their hands. If the bulk of what I have written here is true, then may God have mercy on their souls on the day of reckoning!

Author: Lawrence B. Wheeler

B.A., M.Div. Former Anglican priest, convert to Orthodoxy.

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