Blocked by Elpidophoros’ Twitter

I suppose I had it coming. When His Eminence made those subtle remarks at the National March for Life, I just couldn’t let them go unchallenged. The archbishop made an association between the Blessèd Virgin’s willing response to the Archangel Gabriel and the “autonomy of women” to abort their pregnancies. One had to read between the lines to get what he was trying to say, but it was manifestly obvious to anyone who has been paying attention. Cunning comments like that delivered by a bishop before thousands of pro-lifers have a chilling effect to say the least. Bishops are supposed to be guardians of the Faith, so such misguidance from the primate of an Orthodox Church begs the question:

Is he truly Orthodox?

So, why did I just post that? There are two reasons:

  1. Braggadocio. I wanted to brag that I was one of those who had “spoken truth to power”. I had challenged the archbishop face to face two years ago and he was kind enough to answer my queries. Now that he has done some very controversial things, there is cause to challenge him more vigorously.
  2. Confirmation. The archbishop – or his Twitter troupe of handlers – have added to the ever-mounting evidence that many leftists don’t want to engage with those who differ with them. Others have been blocked by Elpidophoros; I’m only the latest.

I’ve been on a long journey to the Faith – a journey that I had never planned on beginning. “The Hound of heaven” has led me along to this point where now I have found the true Church. Just think how disturbing it is to a convert like me who has come home and breathed a sigh of relief, only to find that there is a traitor in the house. Is it too alarmist to say such a thing?

While my daughter was growing up, she adored Audrey Hepburn for her poise and gentility. I dare say that she became much like the actress that she so emulated. Boys in particular have a deep yearning in their hearts for heroes. They have an instinctive admiration for strong and good men who will set an example for them to become as they mature. There are lots of antiheroes out there, especially in our aimless generation, and many boys emulate them for lack of better examples. They lead them to listlessness or worse.

But there are heroes to be found. Being an Anglophile, I am not ashamed to admit that one of my heroes has always been Sir Winston Churchill, the greatest Englishman of the twentieth century. Even Pres. Franklin Delano Roosevelt stated at the opening of the war in the European Theatre that perhaps Churchill was the greatest man alive.

I have been Orthodox for a few years now but I am still looking for heroes amongst the hierarchy. Abp. Elpidophoros is no hero of mine since he acts more like a corrupt politician than like a man of God. I’m sad to say that, but it appears to be true nonetheless. One man of the Faith whom I admire no end is the well-known St. Paisios of recent memory, who was not even a deacon. God grant us more humble heroes of the Faith like Paisios for us to emulate in these very disturbing times.

Canada is now officially a dictatorship. The United States is led by an empty suit. Russia’s tanks are rolling as their president takes advantage of our president’s senility. China is already at war with us in every way but the obvious one. Meanwhile, on the ecclesiastical scene, Constantinople is nipping at Moscow’s heels at every turn. The Phanar is hell-bent on dividing the Church by uniting with the Rome. To top it off, our health care bureaucracy has utterly betrayed the public that they are there to serve.

Am I overreacting? Let’s hope that some of our bishops will take up the mantle and lead the way in the midst of these unprecedented crises. Can anyone point out an American bishop who is able to meet the challenge?

Author: Lawrence B. Wheeler

B.A., M.Div. Former Anglican priest, convert to Orthodoxy.

7 thoughts on “Blocked by Elpidophoros’ Twitter”

  1. God bless Lawrence Wheeler for speaking out – this travesty that’s befallen us Greek Orthodox; it’s like we’re being held hostage since his arrival and as a gf remarked about Elpi, “it’s easier to get rid of a President than an Archbishop”.

    But frankly, didn’t GOA get rid of Archbishop Spyridon after serving just 3 years? AB Spyridon is a certified Angel compared to Elps.


  2. What will be the breaking point? Elpidophoros has done and said so many bad things, I still can’t believe the other Bishops have not publicly rebuked him. I know it isn’t in the style of Orthodoxy for bishops to rebuke other bishops, but there has to be a breaking point.


  3. You are not alone and many feel the same.
    You can ask another priest online. even a priest on youtube answers questions if your search for the word “Orthodoxy Questions Answered”


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