Jordan Peterson’s Clarion Call

Prof. Peterson’s speech is forceful oratory. He’s a psychologist and statesman whose impassioned words are downright prophetic. One can sense his heartfelt compassion for the world. This man is very close to the kingdom of God. He finds Orthodoxy the most authentic expression of Christianity, so let us pray that he enter with all his genius into a full relationship with Christ and his Church. Lord knows he’s been through hell already. He doesn’t hide the sufferings of his personal life, so the rest of his story is just a click or two away. You will see that his podvig has already begun.

Peterson’s call in this videograph for a stop to the public insanity about the war in Ukraine is more persuasive than the lies regurgitated by a hundred compromised politicians like Justine Trudeau and Joey Biden. Watch his passionate plea that the West step back from the brink and come to its senses vis a vis Russia and Ukraine. Petty politicians who control their nations’ foreign policy ought to be careful when they play with nuclear fire lest they set the whole world ablaze! Listen to Peterson.

Prof. Jordan Peterson

A tip o’ the hat to Monomachos.

Author: Lawrence B. Wheeler

B.A., M.Div. Former Anglican priest, convert to Orthodoxy.

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