Biden Boasts, but Taiwan May Fall

“Both China and Russia perceive that the United States is a nation in decline and use that view as a pretext for advancing their authoritarian models and executing their global ambitions,” Berrier said. (See the link below.)

It is likely that Communist China is preparing for an invasion of Taiwan at the opportune moment. Why? They have already coöpted Hong Kong, betraying the assurances that they gave that colony when it was repatriated in 1997. The United States under Pres. Trump and now Pres. Biden has not been able to forestall that effort. Now, all eyes are on Ukraine. It is clear to all observers who can think objectively that the strategic areas of Ukraine, i.e., the Donbas and the Black Sea Coast, will fall to the Russians. Perhaps the whole country will fall into Russian hands. That is despite the fact that the United States is throwing wads of created cash at Ukraine’s defense. The United States will lose, and Ukraine will lose big, and all of our government’s efforts will be for nought.

Taiwan is situated awfully close to mainland Red China

Chairman Xi and his junta are not stupid. They see that the dominant power, Russia, will advance and win in Ukraine, even though the Great United States is backing the home team. Encouraged by the gains of the new ally, it’s only a matter of time before China advances on the island nation of Taiwan to force it into subservience to their autocratic grasp. In the face of this, our senile stuffed shirt of a president has promised that the United States will defend Taiwan if it is attacked by China. Swell. I predict that this will be the third great defeat of the doomed Biden regime. First was Afghanistan. Second will be Ukraine. Third may be Taiwan. God help the democrats of that island! Would to God that that man’s election had never been certified. The world would be a safer place under Pres. Trump. We will have to admit that he would have been more effective in defending Taiwan. God, help the world.

Author: Lawrence B. Wheeler

B.A., M.Div. Former Anglican priest, convert to Orthodoxy.

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