Gerrymandering the Senate

The midterm elections are only six months away, so let’s turn our attention to the map. Up ’til now, the concept of reapportioning the electoral map of the United States Senate has seldom been considered. There are two senators per state, and that’s that. However, as of November of last year, eight conservative counties in Oregon have voted to secede from leftwing Oregon and unite themselves with Idaho.

There’s that, and there is the war in the Ukraine. Now that we have turned our collective attention to Vladimir Putin’s designs on rearranging the political map of what was heretofore Ukraine, let’s have a little fun with our own map, shall we? I propose that the following changes be made to the odd configuration of some of these united States:

Let’s start in the Northeast. Leaving Maine as it is, we’ll consolidate the five remaining states of New England and call it that – New England. Loss of four states. 10 – 8 = 2 Democrat senators;

All islands of New York City (every borough except for the Bronx) and Long Island itself, will be granted to New Jersey. Two Democrat senators for N.J.. Make New York State red again! Two Republican senators for N.Y..

Delaware will be fused with Maryland, as it is physically. Loss of one state. It’ll be called “Marydel”, and the capitol will be placed in either Annapolis or Wilmington. 4 – 2 = 2 Democrat senators;

The Western extremity of Maryland’s panhandle will be ceded to West Virginia. No change in no. or affiliation of senators.

The upper Michigan peninsula will be granted to Wisconsin, since it is contiguous with Wisconsin. Again, no foreseeable change, but there is a chance that Wisconsin will become more conservative.

The western part of Florida’s panhandle will go to Alabama, as it should. Florida’s capital will move to Orlando. Otherwise no foreseeable political change.

The map of the U.S. before I got my hands on it.

Texas will be divided into two states: East Texas and West Texas, with a line of longitude running right through Austin. Dallas/Fr. Worth will be the capital of E.T.. Maybe El Paso can do the honors in W.T.. Gain of one state. 2 + 2 = 4 Republican senators? Maybe not all four.

Oklahoma’s panhandle will be handed to West Texas. No change.

California will also be divided in two: North California with its capitol remaining in Sacramento, and South California with its capital anywhere that pleases them. Gain of one state. 2 + 2 = 4 Democrat senators.

Finally, we’ll call for a plebiscite in Hawai’i. Shall Hawai’i continue as the fiftieth state, despite the fact that it is the most remote archipelago in the world, or shall it declare its independence from America and restore the monarchy that was lost in 1893? If they choose to go it alone again, they’ll lose two Democrat senators.

Call it gerrymandering if you will, but when viewed on a political map, the redrawn state lines would give the country more logical proportions. I may be way off, but that should provide the Republicans with a net gain of 4 senators and the Democrats with a net loss of 7 senators – a difference of 11 in a smaller U.S. Senate of 94 senators from all 47 states.

If Hawai’i drops out, two Democrat senators will lose their seats, leaving only 92 senators for a total of 46 states. That’s a net loss of 9 senators for the Democrats left on the mainland.

These changes to the map and semi-permanent bend in the electorate which they would likely facilitate would be no sure cause for relief. Not all Republican senators are reliably conservative. But the alternative is abhorrent. The Democratic Party is, in the words of Jim Jatres, “demonic”. I agree with Jim, and I doubt the sincerity of any Orthodox Christian who still supports it.

Author: Lawrence B. Wheeler

B.A., M.Div. Former Anglican priest, convert to Orthodoxy.

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