President Bobby Kennedy, jr.?

Some of us will remember exactly where we were when we were told that Pres. John F. Kennedy had been murdered. I was sitting in my fourth-grade classroom at school when Mrs. Kehoe told us that, despite the fact that we may have our political differences, that didn’t take away from the gravity of the assassination of the president of the United States. I had no idea what political differences she might have been talking about, but I guessed that adults just had their political differences.


I have my own political differences with JFK’s nephew, Bobby Kennedy, jr., but I hope like hell that, by some fortuitous aligning of the stars, he becomes the Democratic nominee for president. The Manchurian Candidate who is currently pulling our nation apart board by board has just got to go. Biden and Bobby are both elderly Irish Catholic men from the Northeast, but Bobby is a man of integrity, whereas Joe Biden is an apostate puppet with no spine. 

The $64,000 question is whether the Democratic Establishment thinks that Biden can steal his way to reëlection or whether Kennedy has the gravitas to go toe to toe with Trump or DeSantis and is therefore the better bet for the campaign. If the Democrat power-brokers who denied Bernie Sanders his shot at the nomination in 2016 decide that they’re going to stick with Biden next year, just you watch how they turn savage and cut Bobby off at the knees.

Get the book! Read the book!

I’ll probably vote for the Republican opponent, but if Bobby gets the nomination and wins the general election, then the deep pharmaceutical state who prospered so handsomely from the manufactured pandemic, and the dark interior of the federal government will be in grave trouble indeed. So, for that reason, I have ambivalent feelings of both expectation and dread when I consider a Kennedy presidency. Expectation because Bobby will take names and kick ass; dread because Bobby is a Kennedy and the Kennedys have a way of coming to tragic ends.

Author: Lawrence B. Wheeler

B.A., M.Div. Former Anglican priest, convert to Orthodoxy.

4 thoughts on “President Bobby Kennedy, jr.?”

  1. Well said Larry! No doubt things are beginning to get interesting…I like what Robt K. says. He speaks the language of his of his constituents and balances the far left ideology with more central beliefs…Notice how what he says is what the Right/Republicans have been saying for decades???

    Once again, the Dem’s stake claim to what conservatives speak while the Right always gets the “Conspiracy” label.


    1. Aloha, Margaret! Christ is risen! My nickname isn’t Larry, but I’ll approve your comment anyway… Just kidding! Call me Chip…or Lawrence, if you will. You’re right: conservatives can’t win for losin’, as we used to say.


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