Elpidophoros Addresses the Assembly of Bishops

You can read his manuscript here:


It is not appropriate for the very archbishop who has stirred the pot most vigorously to then complain that the water is muddy. He suggested that spouses who are not Orthodox be allowed to commune. He shut down the parishes, introduced the idea of multiple spoons, and refused to grant religious exemptions during the so-called pandemic. 

Elpidophoros is the one who cozied up to the hyper-sexualized Episcopalians. It was he who made a purposely ambiguous statement about abortion in public. Again, he is the hierarch who slipped into Greece and baptized the babies belonging to those two queer men. Furthermore, he has defended Bartholomew’s incursion into another primate’s jurisdiction when he waved a magic wand to create a denomination to compete with the canonical Church in Ukraine, upsetting any political unity left in that now war-torn country. Ironic, that!

And now Elpidophoros has the unmitigated gall to address his brother bishops with an appeal for unity! Hypocrite! He has suggested that our opinionated Orthodox blogs are so much disinformation. Oh, please! How dare he act with such recklessness only to turn around and demand that other bishops maintain a façade of unity? How dare he suggest that we laypeople just stay offline and shut up? 

Our Orthodox unity, though hardly visible at times, is maintained solely through our mutual devotion to God via our adherence to the doctrines of the Holy Trinity expressed in our age-old Tradition. Our present Church Militant constantly appeals to our spiritual ancestors who kept the Faith to the end. And yet, Elpidophoros and his boss, Bartholomew, have prostituted this Faith for thirty pieces of silver. Unity? My ass! 

Those of us who are older than Elpidophoros and who have spent past years elsewhere in Christianity have seen this play before. How many times did I hear the hollow appeals for unity while leftists discarded what was remained of Tradition in the Anglican/Episcopal Communion? Their hollow appeals got to be very tedious indeed. Charlatans like these will constantly push the envelope of sexual morès and political loyalties, scorning Sacred Tradition and scandalizing the laity while they expect everyone else to remain united under they soiled mantles. 

Fiddlesticks! They will not stop for God’s sake. There is no appeasing them. None whatsoever.

Author: Lawrence B. Wheeler

B.A., M.Div. Former Anglican priest, convert to Orthodoxy.

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